CiviKos soon will hold Thematic working groups

Consultative meeting held with NGOs members in the region of Peja to create thematic working groups, according to the objectives of the government strategy for cooperation with civil society. The meeting focused on the role, mandate and selection of organizations in these working groups.
The organizations pledged that will actively participate in working groups and they are ready to monitor the implementation of government strategy. On the other hand, the Secretariat of the Platform Civikos also highlighted the importance of activation of the organizations themselves in performing these mechanisms, and CiviKos is available to support these groups in coordination, facilitation and participation.
After the creation of the Council for Implementation of Government Strategy for Cooperation 2013-2017 in cooperation with civil society, which was established on October 15, 2014, as well as working teams that will facilitate implementation of the strategy, these meetings aim to discuss recent developments on the implementation of Government Strategy and the establishment of working groups .
CiviKos Platform, according to the Rules of Procedure has forseen the establishment of these working groups. Rules of Procedure of the Government CiviKos Platform and Strategy can be found in our web-site CiviKos. ( This series of consultations with member organizations is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung office in Pristina.

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