Improvement of legal framework for enabling environment for civil society organisations

Following the recommendations to draft the Strategy on Cooperation with Public Authorities in Kosovo, Civikos Platform hosted the first Working Group meeting on ““Improvement of legal framework for enabling environment for civil society organisations””. The meeting started with the identification of specific legal framework issues in Kosovo, and continued with the identification of priorities to be tackled.

At the end of the meeting the participants consensually agreed to allocate duties and responsibilities for the following organizations:

1.    Policies and Advocacy Centre (QPA) shall identify the fiscal incentives for civil society organizations with public beneficiary status and best regional practices in the region on the local donors’ fiscal incentives provided by the Law on Taxes, Law on Personal Income Tax and Law on Sponsorship;

2.    Kosovo Civil Society Foundation  (KCSF), shall identify best practices on the determination of concrete mechanisms for the inclusion of civil society organizations in decision making;

3.    Syri i Vizionit and NGO Shtëpia e shokëve shall identify the aspects of Law on Youth Strengthening and Inclusion dealing with voluntarism, as well as identify the best practices in the region in this field.

This meeting was attended by representatives of 8 civil society organizations.

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