The role of civil society - its importance and impact on state building

CiviKos Platform Executive Director, Valdete Idrizi, introduced the work of civil society in the International Summer Academy.
She talked about the importance and role of civil society in state building. Valdete mentioned and promoted the work of civil society organizations in Kosovo. In the lecture she disclosed the work in mobilization of civil society in the dialogue between civil society and government, as well as current results to the Council for implementation of the Government Strategy for cooperation with civil society.

Speaking about the role of CiviKos as cross-sector network in Kosovo, Valdete also spoke about her experience in peace building. After Valdete’s presentation, various questions were asked relating to the work of CSOs in Kosovo, peace building, CiviKos role, and her work as an activist.
International Summer Academy was organized by the Centre for Diplomacy, and was attended by about 60 participants from 30 different countries of the world.

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