Joint meeting between the CiviKos Platform and the Secretary General of the Office of Prime Minister and the Office of Good Governance

CiviKos Executive Director Mrs. Donika Emini organized a joint with Mr. Fitim Krasniqi, Secretary General of the Office of Prime Minister and Mr. Habit Hajredini, Director of the Office for Good Governance. The meeting was held with the purpose of coordination between the Co-Chairs of the Council for Cooperation between Government and Civil Society. The first meeting of the Council is scheduled to be held on 17 July 2019. The Council is a joint body composed of members of the Government and Civil Society in Kosovo, which in addition to monitoring and coordinating the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2019-2023, will have a broader mandate of cooperation between government and civil society. CiviKos remains committed to advancing the dialogue between public institutions and civil society. << Back