Build Back Better

Project Objectives:

Objective 1. Continue to raise awareness and inform business and their clients of dangers of COVID-19 and minimum protective measures to be taken to ensure safety and health of all.

Objective 2. While doing awareness raising and information, we always need to keep in mind the best interest of public, with specific sensitivity to gender issues, health and reproductive issues, sensitivities of children and youth and sustainability.

Objective 3. Setting up an online platform that will be the basis of the cooperation and integrate all the information campaign activities, as well as later foreseen modules to follow this seed project.

Set of activities

- Development of the branding communication products for the awareness campaign for the project.

-Establishment of the online web base public platform

-Verification of the specific communication material with expertise provide by UN agencies and KCC including

-Online campaign products

-Video and multimedia products for use with other mass media

-Monthly Newsletter production

Health and Safety Training devised and provided by UN engaged experts in coordination with KCC (starting with gastronomy pillar) at least 1 training organised in 2020 e. Policy training on specific issues provided by UN agencies.

Project Partners:

This project is being implemented in close partnership of the UN Kosovo Team including UNFPA Kosovo, UN Women Kosovo, UNDP Kosovo, UNICEF Kosovo Programme, and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

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