You cannot be what you cannot see

This project aims at strengthening the local level organizations and grassroot initiatives through multidimensional activities such as applied learning workshops, training on internal functioning of the CSOs, providing advocacy and communication tools, and networking opportunities with peers working on human rights issues.

The main objectives of the intervention include:

· Strengthening the internal organizational capacities of the grassroots initiatives to ensure sustainability

· Jointly create online human rights hubs in which human rights will not only be treated as a mere list to be memorized but also to be used in the everyday work of these organizations and enable them to make a real life contribution in their community.

· Teach them advocacy, this includes a series of workshops on advocacy tools starting from those they can deliver in their own municipalities, but also with other target groups. This will include multi-frontal advocacy tools and channels tailored to tackle local and national level institutions.

· Networking with the bigger and more solid peers working in Prishtina and covering the human rights related topics.

This project is being implemented under the Human Rightivism project and is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented by the Community Development Fund (CDF).

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